When you’re searching for a frozen treat, you might want to get ice cream, but gelato is sometimes a better option. There are many gelato nutrition facts that you might not know about, such as the treat having fewer calories. There are more flavors when it comes to gelato than there are ice cream. You can make ice cream relatively easy, but with gelato, there are so many more things that you can combine together as there is a creamy consistency instead of the icy consistency that you might find with ice cream.

The flavors come through better in gelato than they do in ice cream. There is a lower fat content, which makes the flavors less diluted. The flavors don’t liner on the tongue as much as they do with ice cream. You usually get more gelato for the money that you spend. This means a lot to those who are looking for a bargain when it comes to sweet treats. Most companies will give two or three scoops when they offer gelato instead of just one or two with ice cream. Gelato is heavier, which means that the ingredients are often richer, giving you more for your money in that aspect as well.

There’s less air in gelato since it’s churned at a slower speed. Since gelato is softer, it’s easier to scoop. Some stores will make gelato on a marble slab that is frozen, adding ingredients to the product in front of you so that you can see what’s in your treat. Ice cream tends to be a bit harder when you try to serve it, sometimes even bending your spoon when you’re trying to get it out of the container. Gelato can be served at warmer temperatures and still keep its texture and flavor. This means that it’s a better option for parties where you might not need to serve the treat right away. There’s only about five percent milk fat in gelato. It also only has about 90 calories and 10 grams of sugar compared to almost twice those amounts that are found in many flavors of ice cream.