Millions of people suffer from some type of allergy. When you think of allergies, it is likely that you associate them with seasonal allergies that can cause sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose. However, there are all kinds of allergies from eczema to asthma, food allergies, and reactions to stings and medications.

Allergies Can Develop at Any Age

Although many people have allergies that start when they are young, they can start at any age. It is believed that people that come from families that have allergies are more likely to have them. Many times allergies develop later in life. Elderly people that never suffered from allergies can suddenly develop some type of allergy. Studies are ongoing, but researchers are not sure why this happens. This is why clinics such as Allergy and Asthma Centers of the NW provide allergists in beaverton or .

Another thing about allergies is that people who are allergic to one thing when they are younger can become allergic to something totally different when they get older. It may be due to being exposed to different things later in life than you were at a young age. There is also the possibility that receiving allergy shots for one type of allergy can result in an immunity to that specific allergen.

Will Moving to a Drier Climate Help Allergies?

Moving to a drier or different climate may relieve some types of allergies, but this may not last. After a period of time, you may find that you are suffering from the very same allergies you had previously. In addition, you can possibly develop new allergies. Every area has things in the environment that can trigger allergies.

There is a connection between asthma and allergies. People that suffer from asthma may experience more symptoms during particular times of the year. This is usually during allergy season. The allergens cause a reaction that triggers asthma. This is called allergic asthma. Identifying the type of allergy you may be experiencing is important so that it can be treated correctly.