When a hurricane travels to an area, the lingering rain could lead to flooding. If you run a dental business in a city where hurricanes can make an impact, strategic steps must be taken in order to protect your medical supplies throughout the severe weather event.

Early Preparation

You won’t be able to operate your dentist office successfully following a major storm if the business isn’t properly insured. This means that you should review all paperwork to ensure that everything is up to date. Insurance policies have a lot of fine print, so carefully study all aspects of the plan that covers flooding and hurricanes.

If you don’t have access to a storage facility, you may be able to store some of your dentist items on shelves in the office. Since rain water can rise over time as a hurricane moves through an area, you must store everything on a shelf that’s at least six inches above the floor. However, the goal is to keep water out of the office, so you should carefully survey the building in order to pinpoint areas where rain might cause flooding. Once you’ve found gaps and cracks, use a commercial-grade product to seal them.

Strategic Preparation

When a storm quickly generates a few miles away from a dentist office, other steps must taken. Hurricanes are very dangerous while they move quickly, so these procedures should only be implemented when the area is safe and isn’t at risk. To begin, relocate all of your electronics to a counter that’s several inches off the floor and away from windows. If the roof on your building isn’t in good condition, protect your gadgets by covering them in case water seeps through cracks in the ceiling.

Hurricanes are risky and can move along a different path within hours. However, by implementing proper prevention procedures, you can protect your dental business. If your office somehow floods accidentally, you can fix your scaling tools by seeking Phaco repair. These technicians fully understand how to troubleshoot and repair gadgets that have rusted electronic components.