Independent contractors and people with a variety of skills spend one day doing one task, then often follow that up the next day with something entirely different. Even if you work in a regimented business like construction, there’s a good chance you know that having more than one skill is essential in a modern economy.

Figuring out ways to expand your skillset so you can do more jobs and earn more cash isn’t always so easy though. If you’re like most people, you’ve already tried a dozen things and failed at them.

The fact is that there are still some ways you can expand your skills so you can earn more money. This will give you more job security and the chance to put some real money in your pocket and in savings.

Keep reading to learn more about improving and expanding your skills so that you can earn more and find greater opportunities for yourself down the road.

Go Back to School

Going back to school can be something that seems challenging for a lot of people. If you’ve got to support yourself and a family, finding the time to take classes can seem nearly impossible for you.

Taking the time to go back to school, even if you don’t get an advanced degree, allows you to learn new skills and pass them on to employers and people looking to hire independent contractors. On your resume, you can even have a section for continuing education to show what classes you’ve taken and why.

Doing this can really help you stand out of the pack.

Consider Certification Programs

Depending on the field you’re in, chances are there are dozens of certification programs that could help you earn more money. From things like hazmat certification to food handling and safety, there’s almost always a certificate that could help you fill more roles for an employer.

For the best results, look for certifications that employers are posting in job ads. You’ll want to try and see what is a popular certification for employers. If that’s something they’re looking for, you’ll want to be able to put that on your resume.

Best of all, certification programs can usually be done online, or with very little in person training. That makes it easy to get certified even when you’re working on other jobs at the same time.