As the body digests food, turns it to energy and creates waste there is also the formation of free radicals in the body. These have the ability to damage cells, speeds up aging and cause all sorts of chronic health conditions. The body also produces antioxidants to combat this problem. What the body is unable to do is fight off the free radicals that enter the body through a very polluted environment. You have to add antioxidants in the battle against these free radicals through the diet or supplements.

Eye Health

Antioxidants like beta-carotene keep the eyes healthy and working properly. As eyes age they are attacked more and more frequently with environmental free radicals. You need a swift uptake in antioxidants to combat this ongoing problem. It helps ensure that the cornea, lens and optic nerve stay in maximum health. Poor focus, blurriness and weak vision can all be avoided through proper eye assisting antioxidant ingestion.

Memory and Mood Improvement

The brain is a very vascular muscle. It is dependent on good circulation and carbohydrate uptake to stay healthy. Memory lapses, mild forgetfulness and slight disorientation were all thought to be a natural part of the aging process, but more science-backed research has shown this is not necessarily cut and dried. There is evidence that strong additions of antioxidants can assist an aging person in better overall memory retention. It is the perfect tool in the fight against early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Heart and Lung Health

Highly-processed foods and air pollution are destroying the health of many hearts and lungs. A fast-paced world means a lot of people are eating food on the run. Pre-packaged microwave and fast food are deadly to the heart over the course of a lifetime. It contributes to heart and cardio-vascular disease. Air pollution and smoking are both adding deadly free radicals that attack the lungs at every turn. You need to add antioxidants to the system to wage a real fight against what can prove to shorten your life.

The Fight Against Wrinkles and Skin Cancer

Exposure to ultraviolet light leaves us prone to cancer and early aging of the skin. Antioxidants help break the effects of free radicals and improve the look and feel of skin right away. It does not completely repair years of damage, but assists in keeping the situation from getting worse.

Immune System Boost

A compromised immune system leaves you vulnerable to get any type of illness that is going around at the time. Free radicals are gifted at attacking the immune system. Antioxidant rich products like r lipoic acid help reverse this.