The shipping phase of getting products to market is when they are most vulnerable to damage. Every consideration should be given to provide the strongest, most durable packaging possible. Below are a few of the common ways that packaging can be compromised during transportation.


When Items are stored and transported where heat is allowed to build up, there can be a compromise of the packaging materials. Depending on the quality used, a package can melt, or develop small holes that render the item unusable for medical purposes. It can no longer be considered sterile.

Rough Handling

Overly rough handling of products can damage the packaging, no matter how durable it is designed. A certain amount of rough treatment has to be expected, making accurate and durable package design an important component. The package should be created of material that is thick enough to contain the items comfortably under a slight amount of duress. Quality testing will show how strong the packaging truly is before it is ever shipped.

Road Accidents

Caustic and hazardous materials that are transported have to be contained in packages that can withstand at least mild road accidents. The outside of the container may be roughed up, but the hope is that the material inside remains sealed and intact. Minimizing spills and limiting human exposure is critical. Consultants can help determine if the packaging is appropriate for the level of danger the product presents.

Dropped Product

Product can be dropped during the loading, storage, or shelving stage. Is the existing packaging for your product able to withstand being dropped? A serious incident, such as a load of product being dropped from a pallet on a forklift will most likely result in some expected damage, but there should be some surviving units. Durability is key to withstanding normal shipping and storage duties.

Inefficient Storage Methods

Not having products stacked correctly on shelves can cause them to go tumbling to the floor. The packaging needs to be sturdy enough to survive the low-level fall. Packaging experts can help determine any changes you need to make in order to achieve this.

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