At some time or another, it is very likely that you will find it necessary to visit the emergency room for an illness or accident. This is particularly true for parents. Children are prone to falling, fevers, accidentally ingesting a number of things, and illness. It is better to be safe and have them checked out by a doctor.

Visiting the Emergency Room

When you feel that it is necessary to visit the emergency room, you are probably dreading it for a number of reasons. There are generally long waits to even get to triage to explain why you are there. After all the vitals are taken, its back to the waiting room for another extended period of time.

Emergency rooms are notorious for long waits most of the time because they are overwhelmed. Many people do not have insurance, and the emergency room is their only option for treatment when they are ill. Of course, when your situation is not as dire as someone else who comes to the emergency room, you will have to wait while they are being treated.

After being seen by a doctor, you may need tests to help determine the reason for your problems. If you need lab work, this can take time. The technicians are processing lab work for not only emergency room patients, but patients who are admitted as well as outpatients. Often it can take as much as a couple of hours to get these results back depending on how busy the technicians are at that time.

Other Options for Emergency Medical Care

There are other options available to people who need emergency care. One example is Cypress Creek ER, a free standing er houston. The wait time is reduced and medical care is not compromised by the emergency centers. Because the centers are generally open 24/7, they are as accessible as the emergency room at a hospital.

Urgent care centers are another option. The wait time is not as long as an emergency room. They may be open in the evening and on weekends although they are not usually open all night. Urgent care centers can handle some injuries and illnesses that need immediate attention, but they are not equipped to handle life-threatening injuries.

There are some doctor’s offices that offer walk-in care. However, the wait time can vary and they are only open during regular business hours. The walk-in offices treat minor health issues and can refer people to the hospital if there is an emergency.

Seeking medical help is essential if you are injured or seriously ill. It is very important to get the help needed in the least amount of time possible.