When you have an injury from playing sports, you can visit a chiropractic office for an evaluation. Physical therapy in Brandon, FL, is important for various types of injuries that have occurred in the arms, back or legs. You can also have physical therapy for other conditions that have reduced your mobility, including a stroke or neurological disorder. When a condition such as arthritis has reduced the mobility in your hips, spine or knees, a chiropractor can perform expert therapy to improve the condition of your muscles, joints and tendons. Physical therapy is also appropriate for improving your blood circulation when you have a vascular condition or diabetes mellitus.

Why Is Physical Therapy a Good Idea?

A chiropractor can create a customized physical therapy plan for different purposes and ages of patients. Not only can an athlete benefit from physical therapy on a routine basis, but also, geriatric patients and children will feel better after undergoing physical therapy. With physical therapy from a chiropractor, you can have less discomfort, and an injury can heal faster. During physical therapy, a therapist will assist you as you move a limb, or she might move an immobile limb for you. This helps to keep your joints lubricated along with preventing stiff muscles and tendons. By moving an injured body part, there is an increase in blood circulation and your lymph glands release toxins.

What Conditions Can a Chiropractor Treat With Physical Therapy?

There are numerous conditions that can benefit from physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy at a chiropractic facility is suitable for treating bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, whiplash and neuromuscular ailments. A chiropractor may perform manipulations on the spine, or he may recommend a variety of exercises to improve your mobility. If you are unable to move a body part, then the chiropractor will have you sit or recline while he moves your arm or leg into different positions to strengthen the tendons and muscles. A chiropractor can work with other health care professionals to create a wellness plan to help you feel better.