Arthritis is a common medical condition that causes inflammation, pain and redness around joints. Though most suffer from arthritis as they age, some develop the condition at a younger age after going through surgery. You will often find that the pain worsens when you use that joint more frequently or put more pressure on the joint. Those who have arthritis in their hands and fingers often feel worse after knitting, sewing or using a computer for an extended period of time. No matter where you suffer from arthritis or how severe your pain is, there are some effective home remedies you can try.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is one of the best home remedies for arthritis. Heating pads are best for those who wake in the morning and feel stiffness in their joints. That stiffness occurs because your joints and muscles do not move at night. Sleeping with an electric blanket over your body can help. You can also try using a moist heating pack to reduce stiffness and inflammation. If you experience more pain than swelling, try placing an ice pack on the affected joints for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Salt Soaks

Epsom salt is available from most grocery stores and drugstores, and a single carton provides you with dozens of soaks. Mix ½ cup to one cup of Epsom salt with warm water in a large bowl. Place the affected part of your body directly in the bowl for 30 to 45 minutes or until the water cools and you feel some relief. You can also pour one cup or more of the salt into your bath tub to soak your whole body. The salt can significantly reduce swelling caused by arthritis.

Topical Ointments and Creams

Arthritis can cause intense pain that leaves you immobile. Using a combination of over the counter painkillers and a topical ointment or cream is the best solution to your pain. Look for creams like Cetyl M that contain natural ingredients. Apply a small dab to the affected area a few times a day. You’ll also find creams that have a menthol formula that leaves your joints feeling cool pain-free. While your doctor might recommend that you change your diet, lose weight or get more exercise, you can also treat arthritis with home remedies like topical creams, hot and cold therapy and salt soaks.