Whether someone is disabled and unable to move around the home like they have in the past or someone is elderly and doesn’t feel safe moving from one area of the home to another, a stairlift is an option to help get the person from one floor of the home to another. Acorn stairlifts Manhattan New York companies install can be used with stairs that have either a straight or a curved design. The device features a comfortable chair that the person sits on while gently moving from the bottom of the stairs to the top or vice versa.

One of the benefits of adding a stairlift is that it allows the person to stay at home and have as much independence as possible without going to a nursing home or assisted living facility. While the person might need a bit of help with cleaning and other small chores in the home, the lift makes it easier to reach a bedroom, bathroom and other areas that are on the upper floor of the house. This can make a big difference for someone who wants to stay in the home and environment that is known instead of being in an area where they are uncomfortable.

The lift can help prevent accidents. Those who can’t move around the home might trip while on the stairs. This could lead to severe injuries or death. Objects can easily be taken upstairs or downstairs as the person can hold the item on the lap while moving. This can also help to prevent accidents from taking place. When someone carries an object on the stairs, it’s sometimes difficult to see where to take the next step. Using the stairlift means that you don’t have to worry about where to put the feet or how to carry awkward items.

One of the cons about a stairlift that some people might think about is the price. A lift that is of a high quality, along with the installation, can be a few thousand dollars. However, it is often worth spending the money if it means that someone is safe while they are in the home and that they have their freedom like other members of the family.