Whether you own your private practice or are in charge of ordering products for the office, every type of medical facility needs good quality machinery and comfortable exam chairs for its patients. There are a plethora of characteristics that you need to take into consideration when selecting the most ergonomic and comfortable exam chairs. It is far better to invest in good-quality chairs that will stand the test of time than to cut corners and buy inexpensive chairs that break down quickly. Here are some of the characteristics of a good exam chair for your ophthalmology office.

There are a wide range of manufacturers, features and price points when it comes to medical supply chairs. A good ophthalmic chair will almost always have a hydraulic lift system with a motorized foot pedal that controls elevation. It will also have a very sturdy, but lightweight, frame that is capable of withstanding a lot of weight. A good-quality exam chair will also offer smooth rotation and recline functions, and it will not have any jerky or sudden movements or stops. A durable, wipe-clean, antiviral vinyl surface is also an important feature you will find in a good-quality exam chair. Instrument stands can also be added on or customized to fit each exam chair.

Aside from smooth and silent lifting, comfort and integrated machinery options, you also want a chair that looks sleek. Exam chairs also come in a wide range of customized color options. You can choose to give your office one uniform color palette, and you can purchase several of the same-color chairs to add to each room. You can also personalize each exam room with a different color palette and theme, and coordinate your chair color and style to each unique room setting for a whimsical touch.

Aside from the basics, you can also customize each chair’s headrest to pivot or remain stationary. If you need wheelchair access or chairs with accommodating features, keep these details in mind when selecting exam chairs for your office. A professional medical office space will make your patients feel safe, secure and comfortable during their appointments.