If you need radiology services, you know how important it is to find a radiologist that has your best interest in mind. The imaging center at North Dover Radiology understands that people live busy lives. For this reason, they offer MRIS at convenient times. The main goal of the radiology team at North Dover Radiology is to provide the most effective radiology in Lakewood, NJ. Many different services are offered at this radiology company.


If you suffer from claustrophobia, you probably know how frightening getting an MRI can be. North Dover Radiology ensures that patients are in a comfortable environment by offering open MRI services that offer more space. An open MRI is less restrictive than the typical MRI. Aside from this, it might also be comforting to have a family member or loved one sit with you while you are having your MRI completed.


Ultrasounds are also completed at North Dover Radiology. Ultrasounds produce images of structures within the body. This is an important non-invasive test that provides useful information for how a patient should be diagnosed for a wide variety of diseases.


North Dover Radiology just recently introduced mammograms at their facility. These tests ultimately allow a physician to determine whether or not a woman has breast cancer. Mammography is very useful because it can help women understand their health on a new level.

Why Choose North Dover Radiology?

Whether you are looking for a radiologist that can complete MRIs, ultrasounds, or mammograms, you can be assured that the staff at North Dover Radiology will use their extensive knowledge and experience to serve you in the most effective way possible. If you are looking for advanced medical imaging in toms river nj , North Dover Radiology is an excellent choice, as it is an area leader for medical imaging in the city of Lakewood, NJ.