It is the nightmare of any traveler. The plane you are on finally lands at your destination or the long trek by car comes to an end. It is then that it hits you. You forgot to consider the pollen count where you are going. To top it off, you have forgotten your antihistamine.

Be Prepared and Pack Smart

When packing your luggage, it is always a good idea to make a checklist of items that you need and check them off as you go. Due to the stress of packing for travel, it is often easy to forget even things that are crucial. You may be so excited envisioning the vacation that awaits you that you grab something to pack and then forget to actually put it in the suitcase. A checklist will help to prevent this.

Do Your Research

Check online if the area to which you are traveling is known to have a high pollen count. If it does, you may need a different strength of antihistamine tablets than you currently use. Sites like Chemmart carry a wide range of allergy medicine to suit your particular need. Remember to put the the antihistamine in your carry-on luggage if you are traveling by plane so that it is within easy reach if you need it while in the air. There are other forms of antihistamines such as liquids or topical creams available, but tablets are known to be the most effective.

One More Thing To Consider

Many people may not know that antihistamine also acts a sedative. If you suffer from anxiety, an antihistamine acts in a dual fashion by not only relieving your allergies but also making you drowsy so that you can snooze through the flight. Make sure they are labeled non-habit-forming if you are using them for this purpose.

Good To Go

If you follow these suggestions, you should have no problem with allergies on your vacation or during your travel. A small bit of foresight can be the determining factor that makes the difference between paradise and misery.