It’s a well-known fact that one day, the adults who once took care of you, will need someone to care for them. As adults age, their ability to care for themselves decreases. Often struggling with everything from arthritis and mobility issues to diabetes and heart disease, seniors find it increasingly challenging to do even the simplest things like move around, cook, or get dressed. With their health and safety at the top of your mind, reviewing all options for assistance with your aging loved one is the best first step.

In-Home Assistance

For seniors who need some help, but are generally in overall good health, the option to stay in their home and receive minimal assistance from others may suffice. You could hire someone to help prepare meals and clean up or you enroll them in community services like meals on wheels and senior transportation services so they can get to and from their appointments, so they have some assistance. Volunteering family members could also take turns dropping in to check on their needs.

If your senior has some preexisting medical conditions, but they’d feel most comfortable at home, there is also an option to receive geriatric care and assistance from an in-home nurse aid. They can perform both medical and non-medical services to help make living a lot more comfortable for your family member. From cooking, bathing, and exercise to wound care and blood work, they will ensure that your loved one is well looked after.

Assisted Living Communities

When an aging adult is no longer in the condition to live on their own, but they’re not comfortable with entering a nursing home, there is another option. This would be to relocate them to an assisted living facility. This is a residence where seniors and adults with disabilities reside who can no longer do daily tasks on their own. They have in-house staff on call to provide residents with medical and non-medical tasks daily. Surrounded by a group of their peers, this is often a great environment for seniors to thrive socially.

When it comes to caring for mom, dad, or any other adult in your life, deciding what to do can be a challenge. In order to make an informed decision, it is recommended that you weigh your options and address the pros and cons of each. Whichever avenue will provide the most comfort for your loved one and provide you with the most assistance, is the option worth giving a try.