Many men will experience something that they might have heard other men talking about in locker rooms, or BBQ pits when they were young. It is something that is laughed about in social sectors, but can have a radical effect on a man’s psyche. This is true even when the talk is humorous and candid. Some guys experience the life-changing event of not being able to produce what is the most masculine display, a full and proud…yep!

The clinical reasons for erectile dysfunction are endless. How does this actually help the guy who wakes up one morning to realize his equipment isn’t responding as usual? Focusing on the inaccurate ideas of male non-performance is the worst way to deal with an erectile problem. The following myths about ED should be dismissed with utter disregard.

It Will Not Go Away

This is completely false. Male performance is rooted in many factors. A specialist can help guys identify the biological and psychological reasons why ED is occurring. Everything from work stress loads, to improper nutrition can affect male performance. Simple lifestyle adjustments can address male needs.

It’s All About Age

No, it’s about testosterone levels and nervous responses. If a man suddenly experiences ED, he might need therapies that include various types of stimulation. Stimulation covers everything from nutritional changes, to therapies focusing on the primary elements of being a vital and strong male.

It’s All About Size and Experience

The “use it, or lose it” mentality has nothing to do with ED. Many men who have a vibrant sex life experience ED randomly. It is also true that ED cases are consistent across all ethnic and experiential boundaries. The reasons for ED are as diverse as men themselves.

ED Should Be Accepted With Age

Though male testosterone levels decrease with age, this is no reason to assume that age always causes problems like ED. The truth is, testosterone begins dwindling after the age of 25, and there are millions of men in the world who have fathered children in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Male performance means very little within the parameters of age.

Every man who experiences problems with ED has the option of subscribing to these myths, or seeking help from a male physiology and sexual health specialist. Guys who experience ED in St. Augustine FL have many world class resources to combat this common problem. ED is absolutely curable at any age once the reasons behind the performance problem is identified. Don’t believe the myth that once ED happens, it’s a lifetime condition.