Honorable Living – Assisted Living Facilities The assisted living is the term typically utilized in connection with the homes of senior citizens. It comprises the support with the activities of daily living, assisting residents with the intake of medications or personal care by trained professionals as well as monitoring of activities to as to make sure that the residents are safe and sound. This can be accurate for those people who are not able to perform their usual activities for the day, but then again, these services are usually given to the people who are suffering from any chronic diseases or illnesses, those who are physically or mentally challenged which make them to become dependent to other people to function. This is actually a philosophy of providing of care as well as other services in order to make sure that they live a dignified life. The assisted living facilities are certified and approved at the state level. The old people’s homes, personal care homes, and assisted living facilities are just a number of names benefited to name such facilities. This kind of facility acts as a means to make sure that remarkable concern and care are provided to those people who are not capable of doing it themselves. The assisted living facilities can’t be equated or compared with the nursing homes since there are a lot of differences between them.
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1. The nursing homes avail the services offered by registered medical professionals such as nurses, paramedical staffs and doctors who render care and medical services to the residents. On the other hand, the non-medical staffs typically offer assisted living facilities and by chance that they have certified medical practitioners as their staff, then the services they render are usually restricted to giving routine medical services.
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2. The assisted living facilities offer a greater liking over personal as well as private care. In the US, people prefer to stay in assisted living facilities. For this reason, more importance is provided to assisted living facilities in contrast to nursing homes. A usual assisted living facilities is typically a restored Victorian home or school that has a huge spacious area where all the residents can eat together and do social and recreational activities that promote bonding for everyone in order for them not to feel the nonattendance of their loved ones. There are a lot of services given to them in order for them to keep the fire ignited for them to continue living a life with dignity.