When using drugs, you need to pay attention to the place to keep it. On every packaging

of medicine, generally written t only how to use, but also how to keep the medicine.

Clinical Research Supporting Unit (CRSU) staff from Medical Faculty Universitas Indonesia, dr J Hudyono MS, SpOk, MFPM said that a wrong way to store medicine can cause damage to the medicine, for example, storing syrup medicine in the refrigerator.

Syrup medicine shouldn’t be stored in the fridge. On the packaging, there is a direction to store. It is written there, that the medicine should be stored in a particular temperature. Below 8 Celcius and cause the medicine to clot, Hudyono said in Pfizer Press Circle in Jakarta, Monday (October 31, 2016)

The same way for pills and capsules. Read the storing method for the medicine. The wrong way to store. Normally, the medicine does not put in humid places or high temperature, and also not in a cold temperature.

Different with food, keeping the medicine in the fridge doesn’t extend the period of using the medicine. Wrong way to store medicine can even shorten the effectiveness of the medicine in helping to heal the sickness.

Medicine is very sensitive with temperature change, keeping the medicine in a not suitable temperature will break them.

The wrong way of storing medicine often happen in illegal or fake medicine distribution. For example, keeping medicine in a car luggage for a long time, the medicine will be damaged because of the heat.

Medicine should be stored for not too long, because there is an expiration date for every medicine. For antibiotics, even not recommended to be kept. Usage of antibiotics has to be according to a doctor’s prescription.

If you often use antibiotics, and store them at home after use, it could be there is a decrease if quality of the medicine, and you risk to have an antibiotic resistance.