Being a nurse is a difficult job. It requires patience and the ability to think and move quickly. It also requires long hours spent mostly on one’s feet. This can have a real toll on a person’s feet, as well as their knees and back. To prevent pain and injury from standing long hours, it is important to find the right shoes that provide support and comfort throughout the work day. Many nursing shoes provide the support and comfort needed to withstand the work day. However, not all shoes are created equal, so it is important to find the right shoes for one’s particular needs. By following some simple tips, it can be easy to find the perfect shoe for anyone.

The first tip is to find the right size. Measuring both feet, before and after work, can help determine the proper size. Most feet are slightly different in size and they can also swell after hours of standing. Always choose shoes that fit the larger foot and have room to accommodate any swelling. Also, be sure to get the right size. Shoes do not need to be broken in. They should feel comfortable the first day they are purchased. The weight of the shoes is also important. Large and heavy shoes can create additional weight that must be carried during the day that can add to the pain and discomfort.

Arches can also be a determining factor in finding the right shoes. Arches can vary in height and length for each person. It is important to find a shoe that can accommodate the arch. Support and stability of the shoes are also important. The shoes should provide ankle support, as well as back support throughout the work day. Slip resistance and design are also important factors when choosing the right shoes for nursing. Many companies provide shoes specifically for the nursing profession. However, these shoes may not be the best option for everyone. Some nurses find running shoes or clogs to be the perfect option for them. It is important to find the right shoes that work best for the individual to provide the best comfort and support.