Best Ways to Stop Snoring There are millions of people who unconsciously snore every night, and an even higher number of people are wide awake at night due to ceaseless snoring of a loved one. It’s a terrible thing to have to listen to, if you are the snorer or you sleep with one, then most likely you want to know how to stop snoring once and for all. Although snoring is indeed a problem and at times stressful, it can also be an indication of possible sleeping disorders. Before we proceed in giving you tips on how to stop snoring, let us first understand what produces the sound of snoring.
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Soft palate is the tissue that is located at the back of the roof of an individual’s mouth and it has no bones. Once there is an obstruction to the airflow, the soft tissue of the palate vibrates, this will then produce a snoring sound – which can be harsh or gentle. If the vibration generates a very loud sound, then a medical check-up should be considered.
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What causes snoring? 1. People who take drugs that relaxes throat muscles might start to snore. 2. Fats which accumulated around the throat can cause snoring. 3. Sleep apnea, a condition in which an individual stops breathing for more than ten seconds. There are some effective ways on how to stop snoring. Taking over-the-counter drugs and doing exercises really helps. You should know that continues snoring could be an indication that you are having a breathing problem, which is sleep apnea. Do not overlook these signs, as sleep apnea can be life threatening if not treated properly. If your snoring problem has nothing to do with sleep apnea, then follow these steps on how to stop snoring at night. 1.Stop Smoking – smoking is one of the many factors that restricts airflow since it cause more mucous to develop in the mouth. 2. Instead of sleeping on your back, you must sleep on your side. 3. Taking small amounts of honey before you sleep can reduce snoring. Elevate your head by sleeping on a thick pillow. 5. You can also buy an anti-snoring nasal spray, however, you need to go to your physician first. Remember that learning how to prevent snoring involves learning the primary cause of your snoring issue. We are stressing again that if your snoring is directly related to breathing problems like sleep apnea or sleeping disorders, then you must visit your physician the soonest time possible. Start living a healthy lifestyle now as this will surely alleviate whatever ailments you have, including snoring.