Don’t forget to always fulfill your need of water, including when you are exercising or having a sport activity. Whenever we do sport activity, our body produces sweat. The discharge of water from our body needs to be recharge.

Rob Pickels said for CU Sport Medicine and Performance Center in Boulder, Colorado : “Many people often have light dehydration whenever they do sport, without they realize it. While medium and heavy dehydration potentially cause health, especially the function of liver. (Men’s Health, Monday, 10-05-2016)

According to Pickels, here are four emergency situations that indicates you need to drink whenever you are having a sport activity.

1. Heartbeat increase suddenly
A sudden increase of heartbeat could be a sign of dehydration. Pickles stated that heartbeat will increase constantly especially if you do the outdoor activity.

2. Dizzy
Having a dizzy head when standing during sport activity? It also could be a sign of lack of water. This condition also named postural hypotension. The common cause is because the blood flow can not reach your head quick enough whenever you change position. Pickles said that this is because of the volume of the blood is low. If you experience it, it also could be a sign of dehydration.

3. Sagging skin
Try to Pickles your skin at the back of your hand. If the pinch mark doesn’t back to normal quickly, this also means that You need more water, according to Pickles. When you hydrate normally, pinched skin should back to normal quickly.

4. Extremely stinky urine
During sport time if you have a pee, watch it carefully. Pickles said that stinky urine or strong smell is also a sign of dehydration. The explanation is like this : When the body dehydrate, urine production will decrease drastically, and urine become more concentrate.

Drink enough water to refill your body is very important. It keeps our body balance and avoid the danger of dehydration. Also keep in mind that dehydration can cause bad breath (smelly mouth) too.