Having a cold sore on the mouth is unpleasant and can often lead to being self-conscious about your appearance. You can get a cold sore medicine at most retail stores or pharmacies, but there are a few natural solutions if you don’t want to put chemicals on the lips. There are also a few ideas that you can follow to prevent cold sores from forming on the mouth.

One of the things that has a pleasant smell that can help to get rid of cold sores is vanilla extract. Put a small amount on a cotton ball before dabbing it onto the sore. Since the product is alcohol-based, it dries the sore and prevents it from forming again as it will deprive the virus of oxygen. Consider using an organic vanilla so that it isn’t quite as strong on the skin. You can apply the vanilla about four times a day.

After a cold sore has formed and healed, get rid of your toothbrush and any other items that you use in or near the mouth. The virus will stay on the toothbrush, perhaps causing it to come back in a short time. You also want to keep your hands from the area of the mouth where the sore has formed. This will help to prevent it from spreading. It can also help the sore to heal faster if you don’t pick at it through the day.

If you want to try to dry up the sore as quickly as possible, then consider using milk. Make a compress with a small cloth that has been soaked in milk. There are proteins in the milk that can help to fight off viruses. Drinking milk can sometimes prevent the virus from manifesting on the mouth in the first place. Hydrogen peroxide is another good item to use on the sore. It will get rid of the infection that is present and quickly dry the sore out so that it heals faster. Another option is peppermint oil. This can be strong, so it might be best to mix a small amount with water before putting it on a cotton ball to dab on the sore.