dental implants

Dental restorations have become an important technique used by modern dentists to accomplish reconstruction of various dental problems. While the procedure has been used for several decades, implant technology has greatly improved over the past several years. Before the development of dental implants, tooth replacement and repair depended mostly on crowns and bridges. While these treatments yielded satisfactory results, they typically needed to be replaced within 10 to 15 years. Although complete or partial dentures offered a more permanent fix, most patients found them to be uncomfortable without providing a natural feel while eating or speaking.

Early implant technology often required up to a year of treatment before the final replacement tooth could be usable. Properly preparing the jawbone required multiple visits before the titanium screw could be placed, and even more time was required to allow ossification of the screw to bone to be complete. The procedure was also very expensive due to the many appointments required, and some people were not even good candidates for implants. Unfortunately, insurance coverage for a dental implant is typically not available, making the cost more than the average person can afford.

Dental implant technology has advanced greatly over the past several years, with treatment times being reduced considerably. The development of mini-implants which can be placed within just a few office visits also helps to reduce the final cost enough that many more people are able to afford the procedure. Some new uses for dental implants include the anchoring of full or partial dentures, giving these appliances a much more natural feel. People wanting to investigate how an implant could improve their dental health may find valuable information by entering an online search for dental implants Greenwood Village CO. Even patients who do not live in Colorado may find answers to their questions by visiting this informative site.

While insurance coverage for dental implants is still mostly unavailable, some companies do offer partial coverage through add-on plans. The fact that implant restorations perform as well as natural teeth also eliminates the possibility they may need to be replaced in the future. These facts will hopefully lead to a higher level of coverage in typical insurance plans.