Recommendation of drinking eight glasses of water a day is like ‘must be done’ standard for some people. The fact is, some expert don’t really agree with that.

A research recently prove that drinking 8 glass a day is not a must, because everyone’s need of fluid are not the same. Even more, too much drinking could be dangerous.

“In some cases, when a marathon athlete drinks a lot of water and die, because he was doing what is recommended, and drink far too much than the amount needed.” said dr. Michael Farrell from Monash University, quoted from Mirror, Tuesday (18-10-2016).

The danger of drinking too much water, according to dr. Farrell is hyponatremia (hypernatremia) or the decrease of sodium in blood. When sodium in our body is too low, the effect is lethargy, nausea, convulsions, and in the worst case can lead to death.

Even so, keeping balance of water in our body is important. Dr. Farrell only recommend that our liquid need should be according to whenever we feel thirsty than by recommendation which is not always fit with every individual.