When I started creating sea glass jewelry I knew that I needed a way to sell the pieces.  I was very lucky with my first sale.  It was a wholesale one to a craft shop in Hatteras, North Carolina. The owner bought eight pieces from me, I was ecstatic!  I wished that all my sales could be that easy, but I knew they wouldn’t.  That’s when I had to learn about consignment of my jewelry.

Consignment fees, which are what the store charges you when they sell your item, can range from 30% – 40%.  I have paid 30%, 35% and 40%.  Before you approach a store you should make a phone call.  Ask general questions, such as their consignment fee and whether you need a display for your items. Some stores will require that you have your own display, some not.  Also ask about the length of the consignment contract. Some contracts are iron clad, some shop owners are much more flexible.

Generally when you agree to consign items you are agreeing not to hold the shop owner liable for any loss. This is where it’s prudent of you to make sure they take steps to insure that your items won’t be easily damaged, or be able to be shoplifted.

Generally you will find shop owners very willing to work with you if they want to display your items. This is how I have my beautiful sea glass jewelry in three different artisan shops. You can see my beautiful jewelry at seaglassvisions.