A smile is an essential element of that first impression. And regardless of what type of relationship develops, 99.7% of Americans agree that a strong smile is an important social accessory. One-third of Americans are unhappy with their teeth, and 22% of that group believe a better smile can improve their love life. The problem is, most adults shy away from permanent corrections due to concerns about metal appliances. Fortunately, that’s not a problem with Invisalign. Only your Red Bank New Jersey Dentist can tell you if they’d work for you, but the following may help you decide if you want to pursue the option.

Invisalign Works for All Ages

It’s easy to consider the clear plastic aligners for adults, especially since they’re the breadwinners. After all, braces could be problematic in several career paths. But kids can be mean and bullying is on an entirely new playing field thanks in large part to social media. It’s no longer just an issue of facing the torment at school. Oftentimes it follows them home and continues throughout the weekend and on break. An easy way to avoid that and still get the orthodontic care your kids need is with Invisalign. In fact, why not just make it a family affair?

Invisalign Corrects Most Issues

The majority of people looking into Invisalign have simple correction issues: bite concerns, minor gaps, slight malocclusion. In most cases, those issues are easily treated via the clear aligners. However, there are exceptions. If you have loose teeth, bruxism or TMJ, serious overcrowding, severe malocclusion, a history of gum issues, or pain in the jaw area, traditional braces may still be a better solution.

There Are Rules for Wearing Invisalign

If you wear braces, your orthodontist will give you a long list of off-limit foods and cleaning instructions. Well, off-limit foods aren’t an issue with Invisalign, but there are still some rules for qualified patients. You can’t eat or drink while wearing the aligner. But it’s removable, so you can slip it off of your teeth to enjoy your meals, beverages, and to keep up on personal oral health care. In most cases, Invisalign should be worn for up to 22 hours per day. Yes, that includes overnight. Just like with braces, teeth will tend to revert to shift after the Invisalign treatment. Therefore, a retainer will need to be worn after the procedure is completed. Your Red Bank New Jersey Dentist can prescribe a clear retainer similar to the aligners for this purpose.

Insurance May Pay Part of the Cost

Before considering the treatment, call your insurance company. If you have any type of orthodontic coverage, at least part of the cost of Invisalign should be covered. Any type of ongoing dental correction involving months or years of treatment isn’t going to be cheap, but Invisalign is among one of the more affordable options–-especially when up to half of it is covered. Even if insurance isn’t compatible, talk to your dentist or orthodontist about financing or low to no interest payment options for Invisalign Red Bank NJ. Isn’t it worth a little effort upfront to get the smile you deserve?